Cut The Thorns


The Black Feather Quill

A deafening shriek of despair slashed across the sleeping neighborhood and moments later, it  was dead silent. Silent itself was deafening. It was intense enough to be cut across neatly with a penknife as if it was a literal piece of cake. The sight of her hanging body was wonderfully breaking. Who would’ve thought the girl with a remarkable personality, with piercing eyes and a penetrating laugh will one day hang herself to death. What were the reasons? Who would’ve thought that the girl with unusual intelligent; with a promising future.. a rising star would give up her life for a reason which would never make sense to the world.
“But.. why..?”
The only two words which lingered in the boundaries of every human mind present there as they saw her body, her beautiful, slender body with scars illuminating against her pale skin hanging lifelessly as if it was a…

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Startup life wrecked my body

Life After Liquidity

Car Crash

I have a lot of friends who are startup founders. Lately whenever we meet up, I find myself sharing the same story with them; it’s about a car accident.

I can’t remember where I originally heard this story, but it stuck with me as an important metaphor for startup life. It goes something like this:

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The Black Feather Quill

“Did you create yourself or was it somebody else who fashioned you? Because you’re a being who is impeccable. Faultless and unparalleled. You’re a product of supreme intelligence, and im merely being rational.

There isn’t a camera on earth that can come close to human eye, nor a computer that can compete alongside the human mind. And if the whole world was to come together , we wont be able to create a single fly.. So many signs, yet we still deny..

Science tries to justify that all this can come from non.. when its a simple sum that ZERO PLUS ZERO PLUS ZERO CANNOT POSSIBLY MAKE ONE!

So from where did this all come from?

Every thing has a manufacturer, a creator..

We can believe in the big band, but I’d rather believe in He who caused it. to Explode..


We live life according to our whims, desires…

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